I once knew an unsuccessful scientist, who had his daily schedule somewhat like this. He used to wake up at 6:00 am, reach his lab immediately around 7:00 am. Yes, he used to start working at 7:00 am. He stayed in the lab until 8:00 or 9:00 pm working on the tests and data collection. For the lab he was an asset probably, but he never had publications, never increased his knowledge, never even read a single book, and never got promoted. He worked at that lab for over 5 years and never got promoted despite such a hardworking daily routine. What went wrong with him? Despite being so hardworking why he never attained remarkable success?

Why some scientists are great, while some are ordinary? Many people think that success is all about luck and about the people you know. Remember, the success in career or success in life in general has little to do with luck or the people you know. The luck and the people are the results of certain things that all successful people have in common. What are those common characteristics? They all have learned some life lessons that they have adopted in their lives. 


We have been conditioned to blame others for our failures. We tend to blame others for all the wrong things happened to us. However, when it comes to success and our victories, we always try to take credit. Either of these two things is correct, either you are responsible for your failure or you are not responsible for your successes. The successful scientists understand this fact that everything that has happened to them in their lives is because of their actions and decisions in life. They know that they are responsible for their lives, their careers, and their social status in life.

When someone has such a belief system that whatever has happened and will happen will be because of him, he tends to work towards his success. He plans his success and work towards it. The successful people don’t leave their lives on autopilot. While an unsuccessful scientist doesn’t plan his life, because he thinks success will come as a result of luck or contacts. He will not work in the right direction, the only kind of hard work he will do will be the one that will not take him anywhere. He will not take the right decision.

I want you to take 100 percent responsibility of your life. Believe this with conviction that anything that has happened to you and will happen to you is because of you alone. No one is responsible for your failures except you, and no one is responsible for your successes but you. It is rightly said, that successful people and unsuccessful people, both are self-made, but only successful people admit it.

The failures don’t admit it. So be successful and be responsible. Don’t be like that scientist, he always blamed everyone else for his situation, sometimes he blamed the economy, sometimes his boss, and sometimes his wife. But he never understood, that the problem was he himself. Had he grown professionally, learned more, taken classes, taken more courses, and certificates, and had more and more publications under his belt, he would have been promoted and would have been a senior and renowned scientist by now.

This is one of the most important lessons I have myself learned in my life. I am fully responsible for my whole life. That is why, I request you to change your thought process and take absolute responsibility of your lives.


Once upon a time, there was a well, some frogs accidentally fell inside the well. They tried to come out of the well by jumping but failed. They kept trying and trying but were not able to come out of the well. There were other frogs sitting at the edge of the well. They started telling the frogs inside the well, “You cannot jump out of it”, “You will die”, “You will remain inside this well for the rest of your lives.”

Eventually one frog died, another frog died, then another frog died. Gradually, all the frogs died, except one. This frog who didn’t die, he somehow jumped out and saved his life. Other frogs out of astonishment asked him, “How did you come out?” He didn’t answer, they asked again, he didn’t answer, they asked again, he didn’t answer. Until all the frogs realized that this last frog was deaf. He couldn’t hear anything. This was the reason of him coming out of the well, because he didn’t hear those negative comments that he cannot come out.

The greatest scientists are like that deaf frog, they refuse to listen to the negative comments by other people. They just believe that they can be successful, and one day they really become successful. You should be like that deaf frog too, don’t listen to anyone who says you cannot be successful. Each one of us can be successful, regardless of the background. All those who are successful today, became successful in their lives because of ignoring the negative comments people said about them. Everyone in his/her life will encounter people who will tell him/her that he/she cannot be successful. This is the nature’s way of making you successful, this is how the universe is designed, if there are no negative people who try to discourage you, then how can most of us be motivated to be successful? How can we enjoy success? We enjoy success when we have people around us who tell us that we cannot be successful, and when we become successful, the faces of those negative people become sad, while you are happy. Don’t you want to see those negative people’s sad faces?

Somewhere that hardworking scientist who couldn’t become successful, started to believe that he will never be successful, and his belief became his reality. I don’t want you to be like that scientist. I want all of you to be the most successful people of your field. Thus, stand up, take a decision, that you will not listen to negative people’s comments and will achieve your dreams.


Learn the lessons of the greatest of your field. They all have some properties common. Observe them, and learn from them, and be like them. Take absolute responsibility of your life and be deaf to the world.